W e hope that your trip through our 'Gourmet Kitchen Website ' will whet your appetite enough to form a GourmetShrimp Dish Chapter in your Rotary district and ' GOURMET with us ' as we try, test and savor the mouth watering richness of culinary cuisines from various countries of the world.
Wilbur Walrond & Otto Rieve
founding members of Chapter One, Richmond


  • To foster among Rotarians and their spouses mutual appreciation and awareness of cooking, and enjoying, the fine foods of all countries.  
  • To encourage and foster among Rotarians and their spouses a better understanding and appreciation of good wines of all countries as they apply to the enjoyment of fine foods. 
  • To assist in the relief of hunger in times of distress among all people of the world through the donation of food to such needy countries.   
  • To promote among Rotarians and their friends, through the exchange of recipes,the awareness of fine foods of different countries. 
  • To promote during international by our members, fellowship between Rotarians and their spouses when they avail themselves of the opportunity to meet each other over fine foods and wines. 
  • To enhance the enjoyment of dining through an awareness and knowledge of decoration and presentation of fine foods.   
Bon Apetit !